What our Customers say...


Our basement flooded in March when we lost power due to heavy snow and we used SERVPRO to take care of drying it out. Victor Scovronski was terrific and was aware that the damage done would exceed the $5000 set rate that our insurance company offered for the clean up and restoration. With Victor's help and guidance, we were able to stay below the $5000 which will go a long way towards putting everything back together. Without Victor's help, we would have had a dry basement but we would have had nothing left to replace the floors and drywall. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone that is forced to go through an ordeal like a flooded basement. The experience was horrible but Victor and SERVPRO did a great job and we would definitely use them again in the future, although I really hope we don't have to...

Quick response and Finish in timely manner.

Professional and excellent workmanship!

SERVPRO was fantastic. I used them after a leak in my house for mold remediation, clean up and getting me back to whole. They were prompt, thorough and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend them.

Great work and very professional! Highly recommend them if you are in Bucks County!

I personally have not used SERVPRO but I know Bill and his team who have done work for my friends and clients. They were extremely prompt, getting in touch within 24 hours after the accident and walked them through the whole process and the house looks better than before the accident ever happened!

The team was very professional, on time and within budget. All members of the team were personable, polite and very understanding of the stress a homeowner feels during the process. Great professionalism with the proper concern. The are truly pros!

I'm so glad that my insurance company referred SERVPRO! Your office was great to work with.

I was very impressed with the level of professionalism. I would recommend SERVPRO over and over!

SERVPRO showed up quickly and did a great job!

When the storm left, it left a lot of damage. SERVPRO jumped into action and now you can't even tell anything ever happened.

All my concerns were addressed right out of the gate so I felt very comfortable choosing SERVPRO. I am glad I did.

The technicians were on their game. They showed up when they said the would and did exactly what they said they would do!

We had a lot of mold in our basement. SERVPRO came in and got it all! 

The mold is gone! Thank you SERVPRO!

SERVPRO came in and got it done! We were back in our place in no time!

I made the right choice! After seeing SERVPRO in action, I can't imagine having used anyone else!

We had a fire in the kitchen. It was a real mess. SERVPRO came to the rescue and did an excellent job of getting our kitchen back in working order!

Very prompt and polite people. I would recommend SERVPRO highly!

We needed a timely turnaround. SERVPRO delivered!

We had small kitchen fire that smoked up the whole house. SERVPRO of Newtown/ Yardley was great to work with. 

After high winds damaged our home, SERVPRO was great to work with. 

When ever we need water extraction we call SERVPRO. No one is better. 

Best Restoration Company you can work with. 

We work with SERVPRO on all of our commercial properties. They are amazing and always do what they say they will do. 

Had a nasty situation and SERVPRO took care of everything!

We had a lot of mold in our home and were happy to work with SERVPRO in the process. Highly recommend. 

We had a bad storm and lots of water in our living room. SERVPRO helped clean everything up and made it much better.

SERVPRO is simply the best company to work with. 

We had a bad Mold situation and SERVPRO was quick to help! We would not recommend anyone else. 

SERVPRO is a great company to work with, we highly recommend working with them. 


Great job SERVPRO. Rick was great and did a fantastic job. My basement has never been so clean, even before the fire.

SERVPRO of Newtown Yardley was very fast on arrival, knowledgeable about my situation, and thorough in their process. I was very impressed with this team and would recommend them to friends and family.

Paul and Ali are lifesavers! Thanks again for your help, SERVPRO!

Great job SERVPRO, I was very impressed!

The crew was very good. Tyler and Jeremy came straight away, thanks for the help.

When asked for any recommendations to help improve our service MSGR Beisel replied, "I have no recommendations to offer, SERVPRO's prompt attention to our situation will always be a source of comfort to us and should be a source of pride for the company. I have nothing but praise for the prompt, courteous, and professionalism of SERVPRO".