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What You Should Know About Fire Damage Cleanup

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

A fire destroyed five stores Fire damaged building in Solebury, PA

As a commercial property owner, you need to have a property insurance policy that covers any damages or losses due to fire. In the unfortunate event of a fire in Solebury, PA, you’ll not only need to address fire damage, but also any damages from associated smoke, soot, and water cleanup. You need to have a plan for restoring your property to pre-fire conditions. This fire restoration plan should be comprehensive and include specialized services such as dry-cleaning, content storage, and other specific types of content cleaning.

Restoring Your Property

A fire restoration process should include the following steps, regardless of the degree of damage:

Consult a professional provider of commercial fire damage restoration services immediately.
Conduct a thorough, detailed inspection of the rooms in your structure to determine the level of damage from fire, smoke, soot, and water.
Prevent further damage by boarding up windows and doors and/or using tarps to secure the building.
Clean up all water damage and use equipment to completely dry the property.
Remove smoke and soot from surfaces using specific content cleaning methods.
Sanitize damaged items using dry-cleaning and other methods to bring them back to pre-damage conditions.
Complete repairs and reconstruction as necessary to complete the restoration process.

Your provider will be the expert on the best ways to minimize costs by seeking to repair items instead of replacing them where possible.

Trusting Your Fire Restoration to Professionals
Restoring your property after a fire is not a DIY endeavor. Experienced, trained pros know the best ways to quickly restore your building to pre-fire conditions. They are not only equipped to determine the extent of the fire, smoke, and water damage, but they can also repair and rebuild your property. They also employ dry-cleaning and other approaches to help you restore the objects and surfaces in your building. Moreover, insurance providers prefer working with professional restoration providers.

4 Advantages of Working With a Professional Restoration Team

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

People in virus protective suits and mask disinfecting buildings of coronavirus with the sprayer Our certified technicians follow all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities

Top Ways The Franchise Can Help In The Aftermath Of A Disaster

As an insurance agent, your job is to provide solid results for your clients in a disaster and to keep costs down. These are goals a SERVPRO franchise shares. The disaster mitigation company has helped businesses and homeowners recover from floods and fires and other emergencies for over 50 years. The company provides many advantages for insurance carriers. Here are some of the top ways the franchise can help in the aftermath of a disaster.

1. Performance Guidelines. Franchise professionals must adhere to 21 guidelines to receive insurance client referrals. These guidelines cover such things as working closely with an insurance agent and ensuring technicians have undergone background checks. The guidelines are in place to ensure the restoration process runs smoothly from start to finish.

2. High Standards. A restoration company that follows the guidelines of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a company that can be trusted to do quality work in New Hope, PA. The workers will use time-tested techniques that produce lasting results for water removal, mold containment, and the elimination of odors.

3. Superior Training. Technicians in the restoration field should receive high-quality training throughout their careers. This includes ongoing training that keeps workers informed of the latest techniques and technologies. This is one of many reasons the SERVPRO name is part of the preferred vendor program for insurance companies.

4. Best Practices. Every disaster that a client faces is unique. A disaster could be as routine as a broken pipe or as unusual as the breaching of a dam in a community, yet there will always be something unique about the circumstances. A professional team will always use best practices to remediate the property in an effective manner.
As an insurance agent, you can feel confident when working with a trusted restoration company. You know the company will perform quality work in the most trying circumstances.

Smart and Simple Ways to Keep Water Damage Away From Your Home

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

Damaged rain gutter Broken gutters can cause water to pool by the foundation, allowing water to seep through

You may not be able to control every emergency from happening in your home, but you can do your part to lessen your risks. Water at home is one of the most common insurance claims that homeowners make. You can avoid a lot of stress and heartache by following some prevention tips.

Stay on top of Maintenance

Be aware that your homeowner's insurance won't likely cover damage to a broken pipe if it occurred because you failed to repair or maintain it. It's vital to regularly inspect different areas of your Yardley, PA, home, and make sure everything is in good working order. At least once a year, take a look at the following:

  • With a plumber, inspect the plumbing system in your home; look for leaks and blockage in pipes.
  • Check your roof for missing shingles or weak spots.
  • Reseal your doors and windows.

Think About Your Yard
You might not realize it, but you can avoid water in home by beefing up your landscaping. When flooding comes from overflowing waterways or heavy rainfall, certain plans can prevent water from coming in. Native plans and thick soil or wood chips and soak up large amounts of water. Planting trees and shrubs around the perimeter of your yard can block some rushing water. Also, make sure your yard slopes away from the house.

Thinking About Your Rain Gutters
You may think of pipe clean up as being the biggest result of flooding. However, a lot of water damage can occur because of damaged rain gutters and downspouts. Make sure these are free of debris and clutter. Also, check to see that water is being diverted away from your home. Broken gutters can cause water to pool by the foundation, allowing water to seep through.
Professional flood remediation companies can restore your place after water in home. But you can avoid this emergency altogether by putting these habits into practice.

Here are 5 Simple Steps for Improved Pet Safety in a Residential Fire

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

Dog sitting on a carpet bottom of the picture it says FIRE TIP Tip- Place a Window Cling to alert firefighters about pets within your home in case of a fire

A fire emergency is always a surprise in Morrisville, PA. It often leaves you with virtually no time to react so planning is often the difference between life and death. With well over 3,000 deaths a year from fires in the U.S., a few minutes of preparation literally be the difference between life and death.
The single most effective action you can take to save your family’s life in a fire is to have a well-practiced fire safety action plan. The Red Cross has an excellent worksheet to help you make a family plan. It’s only three pages, but for something so short it sure does save lives. If your pets are considered part of the family, they should be included. Installing pet alert window clings with the number and types of pets will also help firefighters during a fire.

Pets Can Survive a Fire Emergency

If you include these five steps in your family plan, you’ll help cut through the confusion upon discovering that your house is on fire:

  • Practice your family escape plan, including pet preparation.
  • Have copies of all your pets’ vaccinations somewhere safe.
  • Include your pets’ information on the Red Cross Emergency Plan worksheet.
  • Make sure your pet is used to their crate or kennel – and have it handy.
  • Know where your pets like to spend their time, including favorite sleeping areas.

Pet Safety Should Include Preventing Fires
Pets are notable for starting residential fires – somewhere around 1,000 per year! There are a few things you can do to help keep a pet from starting a fire:

  • Stove knobs are the top cause of pets starting fires, so protect them with knob covers.
  • Never leave a lit candle or other open flame unattended around a pet.
  • Consider candle alternatives, such as flameless candles and a wax melter, that can give the same ambience of a candle without the danger.

Once the fire emergency is over, you’ll need help with restoration and insurance claims. Contact a reputable fire damage cleanup company local to Morrisville, PA, to help you get your life back to normal.

The Importance of Maintaining Fire Sprinklers

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

sprinkler head, The device provides protection against fire in a room Regular sprinkler maintenance is important.

Many commercial buildings in Woodside, PA, are equipped with fire sprinkler systems. It's always the hope of the business owner that this system will never need to be used, and in the majority of businesses, it won't. If something were to happen that the sprinkler system were to become necessary, knowing the system is operational ahead of time can give a business owner peace of mind. For this reason, regular sprinkler maintenance is important.

How to Maintain a Fire Sprinkler System

You should never try to perform your own sprinkler maintenance. The best way to maintain a fire sprinkler system is to have a regularly scheduled professional inspection. A fire and safety technician will look at several system functions.

This professional will test the butterfly control valve to make sure the system recognizes when the valve is open and closed.
The technician will also gauge the water pressure to the fire sprinklers. This test will ensure the water supply is adequate and there are no blockages in the system.
The last step is the inspector's test. This test checks the signal to the alarm panel. The signal should reach the panel in 90 seconds.

The Dangers of Not Maintaining Your Fire Sprinkler System
There are two main dangers to not testing your system.

The main danger of not maintaining your fire sprinkler system would be it not activating when a fire occurs.
There is also the danger of it activating when there isn't a fire. In this case, the damage would still occur from water build up in the facility. If this were to happen, you would need to employ the services of a restoration company to ensure proper cleanup.

Regular sprinkler maintenance is an investment in your business's future. It will lessen the damage that could occur if there were a fire, and it will help you avoid damage if the system were to malfunction.

Should You Sue Your Landlord Because of Black Mold?

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on baseboard and wall. Mold damage in Newtown, PA

When is black mold serious enough to sue your landlord? When you believe your Newtown, PA, rental property has mold, it's important to notify the property owner as soon as possible. If the owner doesn’t take appropriate action, it is possible that you have a case.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Mold Problem

Strange, unpleasant odors
Visible blossoms or staining
A source of moisture, such as leaks or condensations

When mold is allowed to grow throughout a property, it can cause long-lasting damages. With this in mind, it's really in the best interests of the owner to schedule mold remediation.

Implied Warrant of Habitability
In many states, the laws regarding black mold are confusing or vague. However, property owners are required to provide livable conditions for their tenants. This means the property must be free from health and safety hazards. The presence of condensation on the windowsill doesn't affect habitability, but a serious presence of mold may, especially if it has affected the plumbing.

Before You Consider a Lawsuit
When you first discover mold, contact the property owner; do this in writing, so you establish a record of communication. If the owner fails to act, you may need to pay for an inspection and testing. If the findings verify your concerns, you may recoup your costs through the lawsuit. Landlords have a legal responsibility to remove mold and pay for additional costs you sustained, so keep a careful written record of every time you contact your landlord and other professionals, including medical professionals.

When the Property Owner Fails To Act
If the property owner fails to respond appropriately, a lawyer may be able to help you. Your written records of communication and repairs can help you establish your claim. Be sure to include receipts from inspectors and mold remediation professionals. The steps you take have a big impact on the results of your lawsuit.

Do Homeowners Need Sewer Backup Coverage?

5/1/2020 (Permalink)

Are You Covered? Do you have sewer-backup coverage?

Three Reasons to Seek Additional Coverage For a Residence

A sewer backup is a messy and smelly problem that can pose risks to personal health and structural integrity. While homeowners insurance covers some sewer issues as part of a structure, damage caused by backups is often excluded from these policies. Here are three reasons to seek additional coverage for a residence in Plumstead Township, PA.

1. Most Policies Exclude Backups
The majority of homeowners insurance policies exclude sewer backups. The only way to avoid paying the entirety of cleanup and restoration costs for the resulting damage is to get an endorsement or rider for backup coverage. This policy provides coverage for a variety of damage that is cut out of most general policies.
2. Cleanup and Restoration Costs
A sewer backup can range in severity from a clogged toilet to outside flooding that causes sanitary sewer mains to back up into a basement. Any damage involving contaminated water and solid waste requires disinfection. The cost of cleaning, tearing out damaged building materials and restoring the affected area can be considerable. Water damage restoration specialists can provide all of these services and may limit the extent of the damage.
3. Reduce Expenditures Up To Sewer Line Repair
Coverage for backups is an important addition to home insurance coverage. This policy only applies to damage to the structure or interior of a residence. Sewer line insurance can cover line issues and reduce the out-of-pocket costs of accessing the pipe, locating blockages or identifying a collapsed sewer line and repairing or replacing any portions of the pipe.
Sewer backup coverage can be helpful for managing the costs associated with cleaning up contaminated water and waste. An endorsement for backups does not extend to the cost of sewer line maintenance or replacement at a property in Plumstead Township, PA. Maintaining additional coverage for backups or sewer lines can minimize out-of-pocket expenses for a variety of problems.

Follow These Steps After a Fire

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

Red Firetruck Details of the Side and of the 911 telephone Sign Call 911 and alert the local fire department of the incident

Follow These Steps After a Fire

The thought of facing a fire in your office building probably feels you with fear. Getting to safety and mitigating the damage are your most important roles in such an event. You should also be prepared for this type of emergency. You can rely on professionals to handle fire restoration. Meanwhile, make sure you act wisely and follow some important guidelines.

Vital Phone Calls
If a fire starts in your office during working hours, put your evacuation plan into action and get out of the building immediately. Meet at a designated place safely away from your building and take a headcount. As soon as possible after the fire begins, do the following:

  • Call 911 and alert the local fire department of the incident.
  • Call your fire insurance company and report the event.
  • Call a reputable professional fire remediation company to start the cleanup and rebuilding process.

Record the Damage Carefully
To file an insurance claim, your provider will want to know the details of the fire. Describe how and when it happened. Report on the extent of the damage and whether there were any injuries. Estimate the value of your losses. If it's safe to do, and if the authorities allow it, take pictures of the interior and exterior of your building. However, do not touch anything. Disturbing damaged materials could cause further harm. Let the professionals in Plumstead Township, PA, handle the smoke cleaning and rebuilding process.

Stay in Close Touch With the Cleanup Team
During the cleanup and fire restoration stage, communicate often with the team. Ensure that the crews board up windows, doors, and gaps in the building. The team should also tarp the roof to protect the office from the elements. The remediation company should also coordinate its efforts with your insurance provider.
To complete a successful rebuild and fire restoration of your building, adhere to these tips. Do your part to stay safe, and let the pros handle the challenging work.

Preventing Flood Damage to Commercial Properties

4/10/2020 (Permalink)

protective barrier build to prevent flooding Build barriers around the premises of your building in Plumsteadville, PA

Preventing Flood Damage to Commercial Properties

Global warming doesn’t just affect the temperature of the planet. It is also causing sea levels to rise, increasing the risk of major flooding. Even areas that are not prone to extensive flood damage have had to deal with this issue in recent years.
If your building survives the disaster, the cost of flood cleanup is immense. From 2010 to 2014, an average commercial flood insurance claim cost approximately $89,000. It is perhaps no surprise then that at least 25 percent of companies that shutter due to a flood ultimately close down for good.
A high tide alone can cause severe destruction to your Plumsteadville, PA, building. Still, the most harmful floods usually accompany a heavy rainstorm or hurricane. That is why you should take steps to limit this type of storm damage. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Move to a higher elevation
  • Build levels or barriers around the premises
  • Flood-proof your building

Of course, it is hard to move an established property to higher ground. Exterior barriers alone may not be sufficient, either. That is why creating a water-tight building is the best way to prevent flood damage.

What To Consider

Before you enact any flood-proofing plan, you should perform a benefit-cost analysis to make sure your project is cost-effective. You should also ensure that the workers will have safe access to and from the building once the flood-proofing measures are enacted.

How To Plan

You should also decide how your employees will enact the flood-proofing measures once the storm arrives. Assign various tasks to different workers and practice your plan ahead of time. You should also regularly inspect the flood-proofing system and fix any problems immediately.
Flood damage has affected more and more buildings in recent years. By preparing in advance, you can limit the destruction to your property. If your premises is affected by a major weather event, storm cleanup and restoration experts can assist with the recovery.

Restoration of Delicate Mold-Damaged Items

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning supplies. Wall with black mold The mold cleaning process for delicate objects can be very complex

Mold growth in your Lumberville, PA, home can cause major damage. You might initially think of mold remediation as a process involving drywall replacement and other large jobs. However, mold cleaning involves more than just the big stuff.

What Items Need Special Care

Some objects may need to be sent to a specialized restorer. Such items include the following:

  • Paintings
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Documents
  • Photographs

If an expensive or sentimental item incurs mold damage, an experienced restorer can help you determine if it is salvageable and suggest the best cleaning method. Although the goal of mold cleaning is to restore items back to pre-mold condition, there may be some items that have incurred irreversible damage. Even in these cases, proper cleaning can prevent further mold damage.

Content Cleaning

Different items will be served best by different cleaning techniques. Abrasive cleaning, often using baking soda or dry ice, uses friction to knock the mold loose. After the mold has been knocked free, the spores must be vacuumed up to prevent re-infestation. Immersion cleaning involves submerging the item in a cleaning solution. Immersion and wet cleaning are ideal for sturdy objects that can handle high levels of moisture. Dry cleaning is better for more delicate items with less mold damage. Foam cleaning is frequently used on upholstery and other fabrics that are prone to shrinking.

Types of Cleaners

As with cleaning methods, there are a variety of cleaning solutions that can be used for different items. Some cleaners are gentle, while others have harsher chemicals or abrasive agents. The construction of the item and the type of mold growth present will determine the most appropriate cleaner. A professional can choose the best cleaner and cleaning technique to get your mold-damaged contents clean again.
The mold cleaning process for delicate objects can be very complex. Most homeowners do not have the necessary skills and equipment to take care of these items themselves. Fortunately, an experienced restoration company can help you get your possessions, small and large, back to normal.