Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Crawl Space with Mold

Crawl Spaces are known for their creepy crawlers. However, they are supposed to stay dry and allow airflow. Once in a while the crawl space will get wet due to ... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold in Point Pleasant

Kitchen Mold Under Cabinets A small leak under the sink is the reason for this mold. Sometimes a small leak such as this can cause a lot of damage after some ti... READ MORE

Wood Paneling Removed in Woodside, PA

Moldy Wood Paneling Water damage is the culprit for mold to grow inside a home. This basement had a wonderful wooden motif but was damaged due to broken pipe. T... READ MORE

Black Mold in Solebury Basement

Mold Remediation Needed in Basement Black mold began growing all along the walls in this basement. Unfortunately the basement was rarely used as the homeowners ... READ MORE

Faile Fridge Cleaning

Pretend you have been on a trip for a week with your family. Upon coming home the place looks in order but there is a strange odor in the air. The family from M... READ MORE

Newtown Mold Damage

When it comes to water damage we at SERVPRO of Newtown/Yardley know that if the water has sat for a while we will find mold. The vapor barrier started to grow m... READ MORE