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Deodorization Commercial Buildings

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

Does your building have a lingering smell from the 70s. Maybe it's burnt burnt popcorn from a coworker. It could also be from the Holiday party where Bob drank too much, told Sarah of his undying love, and proceeded to toss his cookies all over the flow.

Whatever the reason for a bad smell we at SERVPRO of Newtown/Yardley can have that smell removed. There are many ways to rid a building of a bad odor. Here are some of the services we offer.

  • Carpet Cleaning - Carpets can hold smells and hot water extraction will get rid of the odor.
  • Duct Cleaning - Filters and ducts hold onto smells. The cleaning will help freshen old buildings from their old building smells.
  • Thermal Fogging- This method spreads a deodorizer in a fog form being able to penetrate materials and find its way into hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Woodside Flood Damage

9/10/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding in Woodside, PA

Flooding affects homes and businesses in disastrous ways. Using the right Flood Mitigation specialist will help save money on insurance. Mitigation companies such as SERVPRO of Newtown/Yardley have IICRC certifications that are required by the insurance industry. In this article we'll look at different types of flooring.

  • Wood Floors - Wood is a porous building material which will hold water. Because flood water is considered Black Water any porous flooring will need to be removed.
  • Tile Floors - Tile is not porous and will not need to be removed. The grout may need to be changed if the seal is old. If the water did not penetrate the subfloor the tile can stay.
  • Linoleum - Is not porous but doesn't keep as well as tile. If water has intruded under the linoleum then it will need to be removed. Otherwise it is fine after being disinfected.
  • Concrete Floor is porous but can be disinfected. Most concrete floors are sealed or painted too which can withstand the water.

Why do sewers back up during a storm?

9/10/2017 (Permalink)

Why do sewers back up during a storm?

There are several reasons why a sewer may back up during heavy rains in Yardley, PA. Homes in the area have been around for many years and their sewage systems are just as old. When it rains heavily some storm damage can occur in the form of sewer backing up into your home.

  • Blockage is one problem associated with sewer backups. Blockages can be because of a broken pipe due to tree roots, construction debris, and objects being flushed down the drain.
  • Broken backwater valves can cause a problem too. Most homes have an installed valve but they get old and need to be maintained. Without the valve sewer water will enter the home through the toilet and drains.

Have your home cleaned by SERVPRO of Newtown/Yardley if it suffers from black water intrusion during heavy rains.

Ice Dams in Morrisville, PA

9/9/2017 (Permalink)

Icicles Form When Ice Dams Are Present

The icicles look beautiful during the winter and many people love seeing them. The most iconic moments in some Christmas films have icicles present, either in the background of a frosted window or being blamed for putting out an eye.

Although beautiful they can be the cause of much damage. Not in the icicle itself but from the ice dam above it. Icicles are usually connected to a dam that has formed in the gutter of a home. These dams form when there have been many snow storms leaving behind too much snow for the gutter to handle.

The ice dam causes a pooling effect under the snow melt. The melted snow does not have anywhere to go and will eventually back under shingles leaving water in your home.

Newtown, PA Flooded Homes

9/9/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding During Storm

Storms can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. Rain water tends to find its way into basements and crawlspaces of homes in the Newtown area.

When flood water enters a basement it is usually through a window or basement entrance. Both have drainage but during a storm the drains can be clogged or filled. The malfunction allows the water to get into the home causing damage to the carpet, drywall, and contents.

When water enters a crawlspace it does damage to the subfloors and electrical or HVAC system. Crawlspaces are notorious for growing mold after a water intrusion.

At SERVPRO of Levittown Newtown Yardley, we make sure to clean your home after flooding. Call us 24/7 for emergency mitigation and restoration services at (215) 785-1777.

The Benefits of Hiring Experts in Water Damage Restoration

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

The Benefits of Hiring Experts in Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most dreaded accidents in the home and business premises. The most common sources of water in home are leaking taps, pipe breaks, and flood damage. Certain safety recommendations are usually given to be followed when these mishaps happen. The mistakes that some owners and managers of buildings or homes make the mistake of thinking that they can manage to do restoration for the damage without the involvement of experts. Below is what you need to know about water damage and why a restoration company is recommended to carry out mitigation steps after a supply line break, pipe break and water or flood damage has occurred.

Quick response in times of emergency

Leaking water or a flooded home is a situation whose damage gets worse by the hour. It is therefore recommended that you start mitigation processes as soon as you realize water in home or water in business damage has happened. The good thing about most companies is their thorough understanding of the seriousness of water in business or water in home. They will arrive at your premises within minutes of the emergency contact and start water cleanup. The fast response will minimize the extent of the flood damage caused by the flooded home, pipe break or supply line break.

Availability of the proper equipment for restoration

Mitigation of flood damage is a process that needs a lot of expertise and machinery. Trying to do a DIY water cleanup in a flooded home will put you at risk and compromise the structural strength of your building. The cleanup process needs powerful suction pumps to remove the water. After the water has been eliminated, there will need to use chemicals for further drying and dehumidification of the structure. The water damage restoration company might also need to use deodorizers to remove the bad smell that follows is left behind by water damage. It is recommended that you hire experts to get the full assistance of all this equipment and chemicals.

Faster drying times and reduction of losses

When the companies use the suction pumps, extraction mechanisms, and drying agents, the homeowner benefits a lot. Trying to handle water cleanup and restoration on your own will mean longer contact hours between the water and your flooring and walls. The stagnation leads to moisture building up inside the wall, rotting, mold formation and eventual weakening of the structures. The cost of mitigation on a house which has such damage is high. When professionals are involved, the problem will be resolved within a short period, reducing the damage and losses.


There are a lot of security risks that accompany excessive water in home or presence of excessive water in business premises. First, in case there are exposed electrical wires, the flooded water could cause electrocution to anyone who steps on it. Then, there is the fact that high water levels stagnated in places such as basements can drown pets and small children. It is recommended to hire a professional restoration company to find the pipe break or supply line break and avert such a disaster.

Those are some of the many benefits you get when a professional water damage restoration company handles issues to do with water cleanup in a flooded home or flooded water in business. The process that they follow involves an evaluation of the damage, removal of pieces of furniture, the extraction of the water, drying and deodorization. After this first series of stages, they take the household items and clean them up. Cleaning can be done together with deodorization to remove any smells that could have been caused by the presence of water within. The restoration itself is the final stage of the process. It can be as little as touching up the paint in some of the rooms or as extensive as reconstructing the walls altogether. All this depends on the amount of damage that was done by the pipe break or supply line break.

The key thing to note is that for successful water restoration, you need experts who understand the process well. Take time and compare different service providers. The comparison will help you choose the one who will deal with your damage mitigation in the business or the home comprehensively.
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Addressing Commercial Fire Damage

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

Addressing Commercial Fire Damage

Very few things in life are more challenging than addressing the aftermath of a fire in home or fire in business. Indeed, when it comes to fire in home or fire in business, commercial fire damage presents particular challenges. If you face commercial fire damage, there are a number of key strategies that you need to bear in mind to effectively address the matter of fire damage restoration.

Emergency Commercial Fire Damage Services

One key strategy that you need to employ after a fire in business is accessing a restoration company that provides emergency fire cleanup services. With commercial fire damage, you definitely need the assistance of a restoration company that can be immediately at the scene.

Although fire in home board up is important, fire in business board up can be even more crucial. In the aftermath of a fire in business, there likely remains property within the premises that need to be fully secured. The only way this can be accomplished after fire in business is via immediate board up. In addition, board up also ensures that the premises do not face further degradation following a fire.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

When it comes to fire damage at a business, you really need to turn to a commercial fire damage restoration specialist. This type of restoration company understands the unique needs of a business following a fire. Keep in mind that there are commercial remediation services that focus or specialize in specific types of commercial of business properties. For example, there are restoration company options that specialize in remediation damage from a fire in retail spaces.

For example, it is vital that your business be out of commission for the shortest period of time possible. A restoration company with experience in commercial fire damage understands the need for remediation work to be undertaken efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Cost Factors and Commercial Fire Damage

After a fire in home, attention must be paid to the costs associated with fire cleanup. The same is true when it comes to business fire damage. A business must engage a fire damage restoration firm that charges a reasonable fee for services. The reality is that a business will likely not be bringing in money until fire damage fully is remediated. This underscores the necessity for a business to obtain the professional assistance of a fire damage remediation service for a fair and reasonable cost.

Comprehensive Fire Damage Remediation Services

A business enterprise is best served when it obtains comprehensive fire damage remediation services from a professional. This includes all aspects of remediation, including addressing smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell. When a business is able to address all aspects of damage remediation through one professional company, including dealing with smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, the task of getting the restoration process complete is accelerated. Through the efficient dealing with smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, a business will be back in operation sooner rather than later.

Qualified Specialists

Not only must a restoration company be experienced in dealing with fire cleanup, as well as addressing smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, the individual specialists associated with a firm must be appropriately qualified as well. Specialist must have a background in addressing business fire cases.

In addition to being able to tend to tasks like fire cleanup and addressing things like smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, a specialist must also be properly licensed or certified. A fire remediation specialist must also be appropriately bonded and insured.

Reliable Estimate

In selecting a commercial fire remediation service, the manner in which estimates are provided is a fundamental consideration. You need to connect with a service that will provide a thorough inspection of the business premises. The estimate must be detailed. In addition, there are remediation services that will guarantee an estimate for damage caused by fire at a commercial property.
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The Proper Steps When Handling Mold Damage

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

The Proper Steps When Handling Mold Damage

Black mold is problematic, but many people think they know more than they do about black mold. What people don’t realize is that all mold is a problem, and it’s not just black mold they must worry about. Many business owners who find commercial mold damage make the mistake of assuming it’s only a concern if it is black mold, but this is not true. All mold growth is a problem primarily because it grows so quickly and spreads so fast. It does require humidity and moisture, which is why mold damage occurs most often following flood damage and leaks.

Commercial mold damage both require the assistance of a professional restoration company to deal with remediation, mitigation, and the mold removal process. Along with assuming black mold is the only mold damage worth worrying about, many people also believe they can handle commercial mold damage on their own. If it’s not a big problem right away, they might think mold growth can be handled without a restoration company, remediation, or mitigation. This is not true.

Call The Professionals

A restoration company is specially trained to deal with remediation, mitigation, and mold removal. They have the proper equipment designed to handle deodorization, drying, and other processes. One of the main issues with mold damage is the smelly odor it emits. When it happens at work, it’s difficult to find deodorization techniques that work more than a few hours. It’s professional mold removal and their deodorization that gets rid of that smelly odor for good.

Mold growth behind walls is another common problem when it comes to commercial mold damage. People don’t dry their businesses well enough, they don’t know their pipes are leaking, and they don’t have the proper tools to remove water damage. When mold growth behind walls occurs, it might spread for months causing major damage before anyone realizes it is happening. Mold growth behind walls is a big problem, and remediation and mitigation are required when it’s found.

Signs of Mold Damage

Mold growth can occur anywhere, but there is always a chance that there are signs long before you notice the mold damage. Dry rot is a major sign of mold damage. Dry rot happens inside walls when there is too much moisture and humidity. When dry rot occurs, it might mean there is water damage somewhere. If a business owner finds dry rot, they might consider doing a search for mold.

The smelly odor that doesn’t seem to respond to deodorization is another sign of commercial mold damage. Mold growth behind walls is often most noticeable due to this smell, which is why people should take note.

The presence of any mildew and fungus might indicate mold is a problem. Mildew and fungus are both common in bathrooms and in other rooms where water and moisture are more common, but both might indicate there is a mold problem. If mildew or fungus is present anywhere, it’s time to call a restoration company. Never attempt to clean up fungus or mildew without help.

What to Do Next

While business owners wait for mold removal pros to arrive, they can do a few things to help. They can begin removing water damage from any building. They can also turn off the hair and heat system in the building. It’s a good way to ensure that mold spores aren’t able to travel faster through an office prompting a smelly odor or mold growth elsewhere. it’s also important people do not try to clean up any mold they find without the professional equipment and help they called for. This helps disturb spores and send them flying. This spreads mold spores faster and widespread.
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Restoring Residential and Commercial Water Damage

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

Restoring Residential and Commercial Water Damage

A home or business that has suffered water damage is in imminent peril. Water damage that is allowed to sit and fester can begin causing irreversible structural and superficial damage to the property within 24 hours. Left for more than a week, most properties that have sustained serious water damage will become uninhabitable.

Luckily, there is a sure-fire solution. Calling water damage restoration professionals can almost always ensure that a flooded home can be completely restored to its prior state. Restoration professionals have specialized equipment, years of training and the expertise of a hundred-year-old industry that can be put to work for you, bringing quick restoration or your property.

The mitigation of flood damage should begin as soon as the flooding even has occurred. Even if a pipe break or supply line break seems small or containable, if there has been water spilled onto the floor of the property, a professional restoration company should be immediately called in.

The restoration process follows a well-establish, five-step procedure. This procedure is a proven means of mitigation of flood damage. Here, we'll take a look at the flood damage mitigation process, in detail.

The most important element of a successful water cleanup process is the one that the restoration company has no control over. The person with the water in their business or water in their home must immediately place a call to the restoration company, in order to begin the water cleanup process as quickly as possible, avoiding the rapidly increasing chances that permanent damage will be done to the flooded home, which begins as early as two to five hours after the flooding event.

The next step in the water cleanup process is the arrival of the damage control team to assess the extent of the water in the business or water in the home. Using high-tech equipment, like hygrometers and infrared hydro-detectors, the team will be able to spot water in the home or water in the business that has seeped into hard-to-spot places. Once the extent of damage to the flooded home has been accurately assessed, the team will move onto the next phase of the water cleanup.

At this point, the team will bring in the real heavy machinery, truck-based, industrial-strength pumps and sophisticated vacuum systems that will begin extracting water in the home or water in the business at rates as high as a couple thousand gallons per hour. This is a job that must be undertaken by professionals. A homeowner attempting water extraction will cause incomplete removal of the water. It will also lead to crucial delays, which may increased the risk of permanent damage many times.

The next step is the commencement of drying the home, its contents and its structure.
The flooded home will be outfitted by application-specific drying systems, which are capable of removing thousands of pounds of moisture from material and the air each hour. The drying process may take as little as a half hour or as much as a full day. But at the end, the home will be water-free, and the risk of any further or permanent damage from the flooding event will drop to zero.

The last step is sanitization and cleansing. This removes any nascent mildew or mold formations as well as eliminating any lasting smell.

When there is a pipe break or supply line break, the single best thing a homeowner can do is rapidly get in touch with the restoration professionals. While a pipe break or supply line break is always a serious occurrence, it can be contained and handled by professionals. A supply line break or pipe break should never cause a catastrophic property loss.
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Four Factors to Consider When Seeking Professional Fire Damage Restoration

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

Four Factors to Consider When Seeking Professional Fire Damage Restoration

In the aftermath of a fire in home or a fire in business, you need access to a reputable, reliable fire damage restoration service. When it comes to a fire in home or a fire in business, there are four key factors that you must bear in mind when it comes to finding and engaging a fire damage restoration service.

Scope of Fire Restoration Company Services

A primary factor that must be vetted when seeking assistance from a fire restoration company is scope of services. The reality is that from one fire restoration company to another, the scope of services can vary dramatically. For example, a fire restoration company may provide fire in home or fire in business fire damage assistance. Another firm may provide both fire in home and fire in business fire damage assistance.

In addition, there are companies that provide a more narrow set of services. There are firms that do everything from board up services to a full spectrum of other fire clean up assistance. On the other hand, there are firms that do not undertake assistance like property board up. In that situation, you would be left with arranging for someone else to address an issue like property board up in the aftermath of a fire. As an aside, things like property board up cannot be delayed if you discover a particular restoration company will not assist you in this manner.

Reputation of Fire Damage Specialists

The reputation of fire damage restoration specialists is crucial. When considering fire damage restoration specialists, you need to consider the training of these individuals. In addition, you need to look at whether fire damage restoration specialists appropriately are licensed, bonded, and insured. You must make certain that these professionals appropriately are covered in all of these vital areas. The failure to double check these issues can expose you to an unnecessary risk when it comes to addressing fire damage in your home or business.

Technology Utilized in the Fire Clean Up Process

There can be some fairly substantial differences when it comes to the technology used in fire damage restoration. These includes the technology utilized to address issues like smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and fire cleanup more generally. Indeed, you also need to understand what chemicals and processes will be used to address issues like smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and fire cleanup in your specific situation.

In effectively dealing with issues like smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and fire cleanup, in most situations, the latest incarnation of appropriate technology oftentimes is the best and most effective. You need not obtain a thesis on equipment to deal with issues like smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and fire cleanup, however you do need a general understanding of how it will work.

As an aside, you will also want to obtain information about the chemicals and processes that will be utilized to address these primary issues associated with a fire. You might prefer a more "green" approach to addressing the ramifications of a fire. There are companies in business today that do take a "green" approach to fire recovery efforts.

Cost of Residential and Commercial Fire Damage Services

The fourth factor you need to bear in mind when seeking residential or commercial fire damage services is cost. The reality is that there can be a fairly significant disparity in residential and commercial fire damage services. Although it is imperative to obtain professional assistance in a prompt manner, you do need to allocate a least some time to comparison and price shop between different residential and commercial fire damage services to ensure that you obtain the best price for effective professional assistance.
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