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Questions to Ask After a Fire

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Questions to Ask After a Fire

If you are in a fire, it can be a very traumatic experience. You've gotten your family out safely, the firefighters have gone, now what do you do? Fire damage to your home can range from mild to severe. In either case, you will need a fire damage restoration team to assess the damage and get your home back to its original condition.

Fire cleanup can be a bit hectic, but a restoration company can make things much more bearable. Once the fire is out, the smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell can leave a lot to be desired. A professional team will have the manpower and the know how to get things done in a timely manner. While there are some things you will likely have to throw out once its been damaged by fire, a restoration company may be able to help you save some item. Also, no one wants a lingering smoke smell after a fire in their home.

Time is of the essence. Fire damage restoration teams must get started as quickly as possible. Specialized tools and cleaning techniques will be used to remove soot damage and the smoke smell from walls, carpeting, upholstery and furniture. If there is anything that is salvageable, they will do their best the team can help.

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Proven Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Techniques

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Proven Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Techniques

The good thing about restoration teams is they can work on your house with little disruption to your life. They know you will be busy with insurance people and other issues. They will board up the windows, roof and other areas as needed. The proven techniques used to repair and restore after you've had a fire in your home will make your house feel like a home again.

When a homeowner looks at the aftermath of a the fire damage that has ravaged their home or business, it may seem impossible that it can be restored back to its pre-fire condition. Professionals will use every effort to mitigate smoke damage in a timely manner.

Even with commercial fire damage or fire in your business, we use the same proven techniques. A fire in your business can cause an entirely different set of problems. First of all, you're losing money. You may also have equipment or other products that are damaged. The fire damage restoration team will apply the same methods with commercial fire damage but on a larger scale.

If you haven't completed the board up process before the restoration company arrives, they will be all to glad to help. Like fire damage in a home, commercial fire damage can also seem like an impossible task. Your business will have smoke damage, soot damage and maybe even water damage from fire hoses. Smoke damage can linger a long time after a fire in your business. This is why you need the help of a restoration company for fire cleanup.

Fire damage restoration specialists are available 24/7 because fires can help anytime. Once the industrial fans and scrubbers are used to remove soot damage and the smoke smell, professionals will then start the restoration process. This may include light painting, fixing drywall, remove board up and other minor repairs. The goal is fix all fire damage and have your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

So if you ever have a fire in your home or a fire in your business, call the trusted fire cleanup professionals. They will walk you through the entire process that all fire cleanup is done quickly and correctly. They will board up, clean, deodorize and fully sanitize the home. The aftermath of fire in the home or commercial fire damage can prove costly. This is a very detailed process that only highly-skilled people can take care of. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Storm Restoration Process: How to Handle Storm Damages in a Business or Home

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Storm Restoration Process: How to Handle Storm Damages in a Business or Home

Nature can be quite unforgiving. When disasters such as storms, flooding, river flooding, hurricanes, hails storms and ice dams strike, the effects are not only felt at individual levels but by the community at large. While insurance help cover the financial aspect of storm damage, roof damage, hurricane damage, hail damage, wind damage or ice damage up to some extent, the huge part of the savings are dependent upon the choices of the property owner. As an expert home restoration company, the following are some of the tips on how to handle storm damages and make huge savings.

Hire a professional water restoration company immediately

The first and important step when it comes to the storm remediation process is to hire an expert water restoration company as soon as possible. Given a chance storm damages such as flooding, river flooding, flood water and run off ground water can escalate very fast causing insurmountable damages to properties. By calling professional storm restoration to a storm damaged property, storms victims are able to save their properties. However, with high number of storm restoration firms in the market today, caution and due diligence is called upon when choosing the best the most qualified home restoration services.

Assess the extent of damages caused

After hiring a professional water restoration firm like us, the second step is to assess and evaluate the damages of the wind damage, hurricane damage, roof leak, ice damage, ice damming, hail damage or frozen pipes depending on the type of storm peril. This process is particularly of value to any storm victim as it not only helps them accurately assess the costs of insurance compensations, but also helps them plan on the financial aspect of the storm remediation process.

Clean up

The cleaning up process is of great importance to the home restoration process. To reduce the extent of damages, this process needs to be carried out as soon as possible, however with the help of experts. Different storm damages need to be approached differently. For instance with flooding, river flooding, flood water, excessive ground water and hurricane damages, the excessive water needs to be drained using flood pumps. This said however, there is no one-size-fit-all flood pump and hence the importance of working with an expert storm restoration company. In addition to these expert helping choose the right flood pump for the job, they are also help with commercial drying agents and roof repairs that ensures no more flood water and ground water are on a property.

The second area that needs to be cleaned up is ice damages. Ice damages is a problem mistakenly confused to occur in cold areas, nothing could be further from the truth. Properties in most parts of the world are susceptible to freezing if no proper insulation measures are put in place. Frozen pipes are normally caused by ice damming from regular ice dams that lead to roof repair. This can also extend to cause roof damages when ice dams block the passage of melted ice water. Hiring expert water restoration companies to help with cleaning up these ice dams is ideal since these professionals have the tools and expertise in this area.

Repairs and reconstructions

This is the final stage in any home restoration process. Depending on the extent of the damages caused on a property, this process can take up to several weeks or months to complete. In most cases, this process involves door, windows and roof repairs or replacement in properties adversely affected by wind damage. When it comes to hail damage and hurricane damaged properties, home restoration experts may come in handy to help fix the roof leaks. In addition to this, these experts may also help fix the frozen pipes caused by ice damming by heating up the ice dams and properly insulating the pipes to prevent further freezing. In advanced cases of frozen pipes, storm remediation. experts may be required to redo the plumbing works. With this in mind, it is important when hiring storm restoration experts that storm victims consider a company that can offer comprehensive services from fixing roof damages, repairing roof leaks to reconstructing certain areas of a house and protect them from flooding.

Regardless of the fact that we have weather forecast, it is quite difficult to predict when a storm can occur. In a matter of minutes hail damage, flood water, river flooding, wind damage and ice damming can leave severe damages that no insurance compensation can match up to. While we cannot prevent this occurrence, we can help protect you from further damages by fixing the roof leaks, roof damage and draining the excess ground water using our flood pumps to help with the roof repair and hurricane damage. Thanks to our storm remediation. services, we guarantee normalcy in no due time.
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How to Recover Your Home After a Flood

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How to Recover Your Home After a Flood

A flooded home is one of the most stressful situations that a homeowner can encounter. Water in the home or water in a business due to natural disasters, a pipe break, or a supply line break can prove to be costly when it comes to water cleanup and drying all the furnishings in the vicinity. It can even become emotionally trying if family possessions are ruined by water damage. While these situations prove to test one's patience and pocket, it is important to begin restoration of a flooded home or business immediately and with professional assistance from a restoration company. Here is a list of the pivotal actions that must take place to avoid the prolonging of the effects flood damage brings.

Check for Damage

When one returns to a flooded home, the first thing that must occur is checking for flood damage. One cannot begin flood mitigation responsibly without understanding the severity of the situation. Look for damage that is hidden as well as visible water damage. This includes cracks and holes in the building's foundation, pipe breaks, and supply line breaks that could cause damage to worsen down the road. Before these steps take place, however, it is highly recommended to turn off any electrical sources. Even if it appears that everything is shut off, it is not worth the fatal risk of walking into a wet electrical source.

Alert Insurance Company

Restoration is not a cheap operation, especially when it comes to hiring a restoration company to fix any supply line breaks or pipe breaks. This is where a reliable insurance company comes in. Take pictures for evidence of water damage. From there, the company can assess whether the water in the home or water in the business's restoration can be covered.

Water Cleanup

To begin the mitigation of large problems such as mold damage and erosion, it is essential to begin getting the water in the home or water in the business out as soon as possible and beginning the drying process promptly after assessing the damage and discussing it with the insurance company. When it comes to serious flood damage, it is best to not make water cleanup a do-it-yourself project and enlist the help of a reliable restoration company. A good local restoration company holds expertise in water damage, mold mitigation, and the repairing of supply line breaks and pipe breaks. Their services may be costly, but will save money and stress in comparison to the consequences that an incomplete restoration and drying job has the potential to cause if intricate flood damage is not addressed.

Be Educated

As previously stated, it is always best to allow a professional company to intervene when a flooded home or water in the business place is involved. However, it is important to understand what the process that they go through, creating a situation where the customer feels at ease and aware of what they're paying for. Most reliable flood mitigation companies will take care of everything when it comes to water in the home. After careful evaluation of the water damage, they'll provide thorough documentation for the homeowner and insurance companies. From there, they will begin water cleanup by extracting the flood water. Once the flooding has been eliminated from the area, dehumidifying and drying in the area is taken care of. Other exterior irritants such as odor and the presence of mold are also eradicated. Lastly, complete restoration and repairing of the vicinity is completed. The process of restoring a flooded home is tedious, emotional, and time- consuming. It can take weeks, months, even years to recuperate from. It is important not to stretch the period needed any further by following the necessary steps on the road to recovery, allowing for a safe and prompt restoration experience.
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Fire, Smoke, and Soot Damage

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Fire, Smoke, and Soot Damage

It is a traumatic experience when your business is threatened by a utility room fire or electrical fire. While no one is exempted from this experience some time, it can be prevented through proper mitigation measures. Utility room fire or electrical fire incidence causes a lot of damage to the property. In addition to fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, and soot damage.

When there is a utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak, the fire sprinkler system is equipped with sensors that detect the slightest amount of increase in room temperature. The fire sprinkler system sensor triggers the opening of valves and gallons of water are sprinkled in the room for fire suppression. The firefighter and fire truck also arrives just on time and to begin fire suppression using a fire hose to inject even more water and fire redundant chemicals to the areas affected by the fire.

The firefighter may also be forced to break into some of the locked doors and glass to gain access. The fire truck is also brought closer to the building causing more damages. The building is left in a mess after successful fire suppression, and no item is left where it was, no business can continue in such a condition. You need to call a commercial fire damage restoration services immediately.

Professional fire restoration services
After fire suppression, the area is cordoned off to prevent trespassers. The fire damage restoration process usually begins with a comprehensive inspection of the property to ascertain the extent of the damage. The owner is also involved in the process to help understand the scope of work. The professionals sort out and make a list of the items that should be restored.

Most of the items including the upholstery are wet, and the air has a strong smoke damage odor, there is and soot damage everywhere. The professionals will pack out the items that need repair or were not completely damaged. The majority of the fire restoration companies have a cleaning facility where the items are taken for specialized repair and cleaning.

Professional soot damage and smoke damage restoration
The pre cleaning process of the fire damage is usually done by dry brushing of the soot damage of ash on the walls. The walls and floors are cleaned up to remove the water spilled by the fire hose from the fire truck. Soot damage is also seen in the vents and other openings that smoke passed.
Smoke damage contains a strong odor that is absorbed in the upholstery and other porous materials in the rooms. The strong unbearable smell spreads across the rooms in your business premises. It has to be cleaned and removed immediately through a deodorization method by experts.

Often the fire damage and smoke damage are usually accompanied by water damage because of the fire sprinkler system and the fire hose. Firefighter use fire hose to inject water into the building for fire suppression could create a hazardous environment; it should be removed. The experts will also conduct dehumidification procedures to that there is no secondary damage.

Choose a professional commercial fire damage restoration service

You may not have experience of utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak before hence cannot tell what to look for in a fire restoration company. Because of the increase in commercial fire damage incidents, many companies have popped out to assist clients facing this kind of difficulty. Through a quick background check, you will be able to find a fire restoration specialist with hands on fire damage restoration experience.

Find out whether the company has specialized equipment and tools for commercial fire damage restoration. They must have a full knowledge and understanding plus the application of psychrometry. Besides, having a good reputation in creating a detailed plan for fire restoration.

After long hours of fire suppression, the fire sprinkler system, firefighter using fire truck and fire hose to combat the fire leaves a trail of mess and destruction. The only relief you can have as a business owner it to hire a professional team that could complete the fire restoration service quickly and is back on your feet again.
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Which of These Professional Storm Damage Restoration Services Do You Need?

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Which of These Professional Storm Damage Restoration Services Do You Need?

When a storm come through, it can leave devastation in its wake. If you find that your home or business has sustained storm damage during a storm, you need to bring in the professionals to help. They can start the process of getting your home or business back into shape.


Whether you have river flooding or water from a hurricane, flood water does a lot of damage. You need to get the ground water out as soon as possible. A flood pump will start removing the flood water. One of the main problems with flooding is the moisture it leaves behind. That can lead to mold and mildew problems.

River flooding and ground water flooding can damage the structure and destroy personal items. Getting a flood pump in place quickly will make all the difference. It will reverse the flooding and start the process of drying out the structure. That is when water restoration can begin.

After the flood pump has removed the river flooding, it is time to get the flood water out of the personal items. The restoration team will salvage what it can. They often find items which the ground water has not destroyed, but they also find items completely destroyed.

Don't let the flood water stay. Get professionals in to set up a flood pump quickly so that you can start recovering from the river flooding and ground water damage. The faster you start the water restoration process, the sooner you can return to normal life.

Wind Damage

A lot of storm damage comes from wind. The wind blows and it can strip off shingles and bring down trees. In fact, wind damage is a common reason for storm restoration services.

With wind damage, the storm restoration process starts with securing any openings in the structure. Then, it is a matter of determining what the extent of the storm damage is. Often times, store restoration involves water restoration as well because the wind damage let rain into the structure.

The storm restoration team will start drying out the structure as part of the water restoration process. Part of storm restoration is salvaging as much of the damaged property as possible. It is integral for business and home restoration.

Roof Damage

During a storm, the roof can sustain quite a bit of damage. You can easily get a roof leak or two, especially when dealing with hail damage. A quick roof repair will help keep water and wind from getting into the attic.

How do you know you have roof damage? A roof leak is obvious. But hail damage is not as obvious. Dents and divots in the roof is a sign you need a roof repair as soon as possible. Some roof damage is easily spotted, like missing shingles and flashing. Some roof leak drip while others gush. All roof and hail damage need quick roof repair to ensure no further damage.

Don't let hail damage or roof damage cause further problems. Stop a roof leak with a good roof repair. That is essential for business and home restoration.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes can wipe a region completely off the map. If your home or business has sustained hurricane damage, you need to get a storm remediation team in as soon as possible. They can assess the hurricane damage and start the storm remediation.

They will cover holes in the structure to secure the premises. They will start drying out the structure and removing damaged items as part of the storm remediation. Hurricane damage can involve the entire structure, or only that part opened to flood waters. That is why it is critical to go with professionals for storm remediation.

If your home is damaged in a hurricane, call in the professionals in storm remediation.

Ice Damage

Ice damage comes in many forms. Frozen pipes can burst and leave a space flooded. An ice dam on the roof can cause water backup under shingles. In fact, ice damming can cause damage to overhangs, soffits, and fascia. Don't let ice damage from an ice dam lead to roof problems.

Frozen pipes usually occur in uninsulated spaces like the basement. With frozen pipes, they can burst due to pressure. And that can cause flooding. So ice damage can be more than ice damming, though an ice dam is quite common in winter. If you have ice damming or frozen pipes, call in the business and home restoration specialists. They can remove an ice dam and clean up the problems caused by the ice damming.

Call in the business and home restoration specialists for any of these problems. Visit for more information on storm damage.

Deodorization Commercial Buildings

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

Does your building have a lingering smell from the 70s. Maybe it's burnt burnt popcorn from a coworker. It could also be from the Holiday party where Bob drank too much, told Sarah of his undying love, and proceeded to toss his cookies all over the flow.

Whatever the reason for a bad smell we at SERVPRO of Newtown/Yardley can have that smell removed. There are many ways to rid a building of a bad odor. Here are some of the services we offer.

  • Carpet Cleaning - Carpets can hold smells and hot water extraction will get rid of the odor.
  • Duct Cleaning - Filters and ducts hold onto smells. The cleaning will help freshen old buildings from their old building smells.
  • Thermal Fogging- This method spreads a deodorizer in a fog form being able to penetrate materials and find its way into hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Woodside Flood Damage

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Flooding in Woodside, PA

Flooding affects homes and businesses in disastrous ways. Using the right Flood Mitigation specialist will help save money on insurance. Mitigation companies such as SERVPRO of Newtown/Yardley have IICRC certifications that are required by the insurance industry. In this article we'll look at different types of flooring.

  • Wood Floors - Wood is a porous building material which will hold water. Because flood water is considered Black Water any porous flooring will need to be removed.
  • Tile Floors - Tile is not porous and will not need to be removed. The grout may need to be changed if the seal is old. If the water did not penetrate the subfloor the tile can stay.
  • Linoleum - Is not porous but doesn't keep as well as tile. If water has intruded under the linoleum then it will need to be removed. Otherwise it is fine after being disinfected.
  • Concrete Floor is porous but can be disinfected. Most concrete floors are sealed or painted too which can withstand the water.

Why do sewers back up during a storm?

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Why do sewers back up during a storm?

There are several reasons why a sewer may back up during heavy rains in Yardley, PA. Homes in the area have been around for many years and their sewage systems are just as old. When it rains heavily some storm damage can occur in the form of sewer backing up into your home.

  • Blockage is one problem associated with sewer backups. Blockages can be because of a broken pipe due to tree roots, construction debris, and objects being flushed down the drain.
  • Broken backwater valves can cause a problem too. Most homes have an installed valve but they get old and need to be maintained. Without the valve sewer water will enter the home through the toilet and drains.

Have your home cleaned by SERVPRO of Newtown/Yardley if it suffers from black water intrusion during heavy rains.

Ice Dams in Morrisville, PA

9/9/2017 (Permalink)

Icicles Form When Ice Dams Are Present

The icicles look beautiful during the winter and many people love seeing them. The most iconic moments in some Christmas films have icicles present, either in the background of a frosted window or being blamed for putting out an eye.

Although beautiful they can be the cause of much damage. Not in the icicle itself but from the ice dam above it. Icicles are usually connected to a dam that has formed in the gutter of a home. These dams form when there have been many snow storms leaving behind too much snow for the gutter to handle.

The ice dam causes a pooling effect under the snow melt. The melted snow does not have anywhere to go and will eventually back under shingles leaving water in your home.