Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Workshop

Flooded Workshop in NewtownThis workshop suffered from the recent rains when it flooded. Many of the machines were wet and needed to be dried before being used ... READ MORE

Chimney Fire in Solebury, PA

Blocked Chimney Causes Smoke DamageIt is always important to have your chimney cleaned out before using it once more. The homeowners decided to warm up the... READ MORE

Newtown Flood Damage

Flood Water in BasementAs mentioned in another post it is important to keep valuables and stored items safe from damage by using water safe containers.This home... READ MORE

New Hope Home Flooding

A basement can hold a lot of water. Flood water finds every way possible to get into a home and a window well is the perfect opportunity.The homeowners were gla... READ MORE

Crawl Space with Mold

Crawl Spaces are known for their creepy crawlers. However, they are supposed to stay dry and allow airflow. Once in a while the crawl space will get wet due to ... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold in Point Pleasant

Kitchen Mold Under CabinetsA small leak under the sink is the reason for this mold. Sometimes a small leak such as this can cause a lot of damage after some tim... READ MORE

Newton Wind and Rain Damage

Basement Storm DamageThe homeowners of this beautiful home were definitely upset with the way things were going in their home. The flooding that was happening o... READ MORE

Yardley Homes with Sewer Damage

Black Water in Yardley, PADuring one bad storm the drains all filled up causing many homes to back up with black water. In order to remove the water we pumped a... READ MORE

Office Building Water Damage

Chasing Away WaterIt's not every day you get to see the news first hand. Our technicians were a hoping to see some of the stars but were disappointed as the los... READ MORE

Wood Floor Drying in Plumstead Township

Many people believe that when a wood floor gets wet it will need to be removed and replaced. That is only the case if the water that flooded the home came from ... READ MORE